The Top Five Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery

Silver Spring, MD

Plastic surgery is a common practice across the country. Both men and women get plastic surgery for various reasons. Everyone is unique, and the reasons for making the changes vary, including a desire to look and feel younger. Here are the top five reasons why people visit our office for plastic surgery.

1. Self-esteem and self-image

Those that want to boost their own self-esteem and image often schedule a procedure. This procedure may help them to straighten their jaw, get bigger breasts, tuck in that extra skin, smooth out wrinkles or any other changes that make them feel more confident. Having plastic surgery done for this reason can be beneficial to make a person feel better about himself or herself.

2. Reverse the signs of aging

Those who feel like they are seeing wrinkles, fine lines, sagging areas of the body and more may turn to plastic surgery to correct these issues. While these are normal parts of getting older, they are usually unwanted. There are many procedures that help with the signs of aging, such as a facelift or liposuction. These can reverse the aging effects and help the person feel and look younger almost overnight.

3. Bad genes

When bad genes run in the family, changing a sloped nose or small breasts can be done easily. These features that are common in family members can cause frustration, but they can be corrected easily with a procedure performed by a surgeon. These changes can enhance the person's appearance and boost their self-esteem.

4. Look like a celebrity

Celebrities are always changing their looks. Celebrities show that skinny bodies, large breasts and enhanced curves are popular. This makes more and more people want to change their bodies with them.

5. Increase happiness

Do not let the need or want for plastic surgery be fueled by the wrong reasons. Subtle changes created by one or two procedures can bring happiness to those who want them. By making these changes, increasing their self-image and getting a better view of themselves and the world, patients often gain a level of happiness.

Consider plastic surgery as a viable option

Plastic surgery is a great way for many people to change the way they look. No matter what kind of plastic surgery someone is seeking, it is important to speak with a surgeon that can shed light on available procedures. A plastic surgeon can recommend the best course of action to take for the specific results that you want to achieve. They can give more information on the specific procedure, give an estimate on both time and cost and provide information on the recovery process.

Keep in mind that some procedures are minimally invasive, so it may be possible to see improvements without surgery. If so, these options can be discussed as well. To learn more, call us at (240) 330-1815 for more information from The Physicians Group SC.

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