Start Your Summer Right with a Laser Hair Removal Appointment

There is no better time to begin thinking about laser hair removal than in the summer. During the winter, it can be easy to cover unwanted hair with a sweater and long pants. When the heat of summer comes, forgetting to shave legs or armpits, for example, can lead to a series of embarrassing moments.

Knowing how busy people are, we find that a lot of people visit our office because they are tired of needing to shave on a daily basis and are looking to make life just a little bit easier. If you find yourself at the beach this summer, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our office to find out how easy it is to permanently remove unwanted hair.

It is not complicated when done by a professional

We make it incredibly easy to get started. Anyone who is interested in laser hair removal simply needs to call our office and schedule a consultation. During that initial meeting, we will discuss things like where someone wishes to remove hair, how much they want to eliminate and if there are any timelines we need to be aware of. This allows us to make a recommended treatment plan that includes the following:

1. What areas we are going to target first

If someone wants all over hair removal, we are not going to treat each and every area at the same time. This would take too long and be far too uncomfortable. Instead, we will make a plan for what areas are going to be treated and in what order. This is based on what is most important to a patient.

For example, if someone has unwanted facial hair, it is probably going to be more important to remove that first before addressing something like the arms. However, each patient is different so our plan is based on what our patients desire.

2. How many appointments will be necessary and how close together they will be

In most cases, it will take more than one appointment to reach the place where hair stops growing. After the first appointment, the hair is going to begin growing in less; some may find that it is patchy at first. However, the hair will grow back. It can take several appointments to reach a point where it no longer does so.

Things like the color and thickness of the hair are going to influence how many appointments are necessary. We will describe this in detail and give patients a good idea of what to expect during a consultation.

3. Care instructions

There is no recovery time per se after a laser hair removal appointment. Still, it may be necessary to do things like stay out of the sun temporarily. This is important because it may influence when a person wants to schedule the procedure.

Armed with this basic information, patients can make a decision regarding when to get started. We certainly recommend doing so because this is such an easy way to make getting ready in the morning easier and to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Schedule an appointment

To learn more about the treatment, call and schedule an appointment with our office today. We remove hair using lasers on a regular basis and have found that our patients are incredibly pleased with the results, their appearance and how much easier life is once the treatment has been completed. We encourage you to experience the benefits for yourself by getting started today.

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