Reasons That Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage Is Recommended After Plastic Surgery

Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage Silver Spring, MD

Post surgical lymphatic massage is often recommended after getting plastic surgery treatments, like a mommy makeover, liposuction, or tummy tuck. It helps speed up the healing process and so does getting plenty of rest and avoiding strenuous activities.

How post surgical lymphatic massage speeds up recovery

The lymphatic system consists of organs, vessels, and tissues that work together to circulate blood, support immune function, and maintain fluid levels in the body. The system uses lymph (a colorless fluid that contains fat cells, waste, and proteins) to remove waste from the body by filtering them through lymph nodes.

Excess fluid builds up in a person’s body when the lymphatic system is not circulating lymph properly throughout the body. The build-up of fluids causes inflammation and discomfort.

Post surgical lymphatic massage is performed to get rid of excess fluid build-up in the body after surgical treatments. The massage manually pushes lymph through the body, reducing the fluid build-up.

The lymphatic system often slows down when a person is going through a surgical procedure, fighting off an infection or illness, or dealing with emotional stress. A lymphatic massage can help restart the system after such events. The benefits of getting one include:

  • Alleviates stress and promotes relaxation
  • Speeds up healing after surgery, injury, or illness
  • Reduces formation of scar tissues
  • Helps eliminate metabolic waste and excess water from tissues in the body
  • Reduces fluid retention and swelling
  • Improves skin quality

Importance of post surgical lymphatic massages

One of the side effects of most surgical cosmetic procedures is inflammation. Swelling is a natural response after a part of the body has gone through a stressful event, as the body sends fluid to the area to repair it with white blood cells. Popular cosmetic procedures, like liposuctions and tummy tucks, often lead to additional inflammation as fat cells harden and excess fluid builds up around the surgery site.

A lymphatic massage helps push fluid built up in an area and send it back into lymphatic passages, where the toxins, waste, and excess fluid can be removed from the body. This helps prevent the formation of scar tissue at the surgical site and reduces bruising and swelling. Plastic surgeons often recommend lymphatic massages to their patients after their treatments to reduce the risk of complications during the recovery process.

The massage is typically completed in about 30 minutes if high pressure is used, and it can last up to an hour if low pressure is used. It often comes down to the patient’s preferences and what they feel more comfortable with. The surgeon might also recommend a specific type of massage.

Patients should expect to feel a bit of discomfort during the massage because they will already be sore from the surgery. However, many patients report feeling less pain after the massage.

Speed up your recovery

Lymphatic massages reduce brushing and inflammation after cosmetic surgery. Call or visit our Silver Spring clinic to set up an appointment with our plastic surgeon.

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