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Unwanted hair can get in the way of a lot of things, but with the help of plastic surgery, there are a few ways to remove hair. Modern-day medicine has allowed for the evolution of all kinds of treatment options for removing unwanted hair, the majority of which provide patients with long-lasting or even permanent results. Ready to find out more?

Treatments to remove unwanted hair 

Outlined below are a few popular hair removal treatments offered by plastic surgeons. 

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal does not require invasive plastic surgery; however, it can be performed by a plastic surgeon. Instead of invasive techniques, it is performed through the use of laser light beams. A single wavelength from the laser is used to target the hair follicles beneath the skin. The laser beam puts energy into maximizing heat absorption, which helps prevent regrowth in the future. Laser hair removal is a popular procedure performed in a plastic surgery setting to ensure efficiency and safety. 

Intense pulsed light

IPL therapy is similar to laser hair removal, but it uses broad-spectrum wavelengths to target hair removal. When administered in a plastic surgery setting, individuals can expect results in as little as four treatments. However, for stubborn hair follicles, it may require multiple rounds of IPL therapy, going as high as 12 sessions. While IPL can be performed at home using a safe instrument, it is better to undergo it in a plastic surgery setting, as the results are better and the practice is safer. 


Another hair removal treatment option commonly used in plastic surgery settings is electrolysis, which is very different than laser hair removal or intense pulsated light therapy. Electrolysis uses a special machine to stop the growth of hair through chemical and heat energy. During an electrolysis session, the plastic surgeon will remove individual hair follicles using very small electric tweezers that are part of the machine. 

Electrolysis is one of the only plastic surgery hair removal options that provides permanent results, meaning hair will not grow back. However, most people require multiple sessions in order to achieve permanent results. The number of sessions will be determined by the plastic surgeon prior to starting the treatment process. 

Other options

Other hair removal options include waxing, chemical peels, threading and dermabrasion; however, the majority of these do not produce long-lasting or permanent results. When visiting a plastic surgery practice for hair removal, they may suggest one of the procedures listed in this article. Additionally, they may recommend one of these non-invasive methods to accompany it. 

Learn more today

Interested in finding out more about hair removal through plastic surgery practices? To get started, an evaluation will be performed. This evaluation will help the plastic surgeon to determine the appropriate course of action for treatment. Each individual has varying needs that will dictate the hair removal process. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with an evaluation.

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