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Cosmetic plastic surgery can help you feel better about your appearance, as it has for countless other people who wished that they could make adjustments to one or more of their facial features. When considering which feature of the face people would like to change, the chin is a popular choice, right after the nose.

Some people desire to get rid of a cleft chin. Others would prefer to have a cleft chin. To meet both of these demands, many cosmetic surgeons who specialize in facial enhancement offer plastic surgery for cleft chins.

About cleft chins

A cleft chin is one that has a crease or dimple, right in the middle of the chin. This type of chin gets its name from the fact that it has a deep, prominent groove that splits the chin in two, right at the bottom.  A cleft chin is a genetic trait that is passed down. It forms as the fetus develops during the early months of pregnancy.

The beauty (or lack thereof) of a cleft chin is subjective. Some people want one, while others want to get rid of one.

Usually, women are more likely to want to remove a cleft chin, because a prominent groove in the chin is widely considered to be a ‘strong’ or 'masculine' trait. In contrast, men are more likely to want surgery to create a cleft chin.

What an individual wants for their chin will determine the kind of cleft chin procedure that a cosmetic surgeon will perform. There are two types of cleft chin surgery. One procedure removes a cleft chin while the other creates one.

Plastic surgery to remove a cleft chin

To understand how this surgery works, one has to know how a cleft chin forms. The chin consists of the chin bone (which is part of the jaw) and the two sets of muscles that rest over the bone. Each set of muscles covers one half of the chin.

When the muscles rest right next to each other, a person will have a smooth chin. If there is a gap between the muscles or if the muscles are especially bulky, this creates a cleft chin. A plastic surgeon can surgically remove a cleft chin by placing an implant that will fill the gap or groove between the two sets of muscle.

Plastic surgery to create a cleft chin

A plastic surgeon can add a cleft chin by creating a gap between the two sets of muscles that cover the chin bone. The surgeon can do this by removing some of the soft tissue on the chin. This will create a gap, which will, in turn, form a cleft or dimpled chin.

Benefits and risks of cleft chin surgery

Plastic surgery is a permanent way to create or remove a cleft chin. A person who wants to reverse the procedure will have to undergo a second surgery, a proposition most plastic surgeons will be reluctant to recommend.

There are other things to consider before choosing cleft chin surgery:

  • Chin surgery lasts a lifetime, unlike non-surgical methods like Botox, and that is a plus.
  • The surgery is fairly simple and has a short recovery time.
  • A person must be put under for the procedure, which carries its own set of risks.
  • Like with all surgeries, there is always the risk of complications.

Getting the face you want to see

Cleft chin surgery is a relatively minor procedure. Patients typically can recover from the surgery within a month or two. Whether a patient wants to gain a cleft chin or lose one, a plastic surgeon can recommend a cosmetic cleft chin procedure that can help achieve the desired look.

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