Cosmetic Surgery for Birth Defects

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Cosmetic surgery can help restore, change or enhance your appearance. Most times, people choose to have cosmetic surgery to improve parts of their bodies or if they are not happy about their appearance. In some cases, the problems may be caused by a birth defect. If you were born with a birth defect, you may benefit from cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery

A birth defect is a health condition or abnormal physical change that is present when a person is born. Although some defects cannot be cured, many physical birth defects can be corrected with cosmetic surgery. Many different cosmetic procedures can repair birth defects. Two common ones include rhinoplasty and ear surgery.


Rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, improves the size, symmetry and shape of a person’s nose. This type of surgery is usually chosen by people who want to change the appearance of their noses. The upper part of the structure of the nose is bone and the lower part is cartilage. The surgery can change the skin, cartilage, bone or all three.

A patient should talk to the surgeon about whether a nose job is appropriate and if it will achieve the desired results. A person should know the benefits of the procedure and the possible risks. When planning for this procedure, the surgeon will consider a patient’s overall health, goals, other facial features and the skin on the nose. If a person is a candidate for the procedure, the surgeon will develop a customized plan for the individual.

Ear surgery

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can change the size, position or shape of the ears. A person who is bothered by how far the ears stick out of the head or misshapen ears can benefit from this procedure. Ears can be misshapen because of an injury or birth defect. A person who is dissatisfied with previous ear surgery can also opt for otoplasty. It can correct ear conditions like lop ear, protruding ears, abnormally large ear lobes and shell ear.

There are different ways a surgeon can reshape the ears. The surgeon can cut off cartilage, which is the ear’s main structural component. The surgeon may also decide to fold and stitch the cartilage. In both cases, the surgeon will start by making a tiny cut at the back of a patient’s ear. This will make it possible to access the cartilage for the procedure. After the surgery is complete, stitches will be used to close the cuts.

All procedures have risks. Some of the rare complications with ear surgery include blood clots or infection. A person may also experience pain and swelling. Sometimes, a surgeon may prescribe a painkiller or antibiotic as a preventive measure.

Contact your surgeon

Cosmetic surgery for birth defects is popular because it enhances a person’s appearance. If you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery to change or enhance your appearance, talk to your surgeon. Ask about the benefits, risks, recovery, whether it will meet your goals and costs.

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