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Plastic surgery is a big deal, especially when done on the face. An individual's face is the first thing that gets noticed when interacting with others. One of the main facial areas worked on in plastic surgery is the nose. The nose is an important feature, as it sits in the middle of the face and is responsible for breathing and smelling. Because of how serious nose surgery can be, it is important to put careful thought and consideration into the decision-making process. 

Plastic surgery options for the nose

Outlined below are a few common nose surgery procedures that plastic surgeons offer. When looking to improve the appearance of the nose, it can be helpful to review the following information.

Traditional nose job

Traditionally, rhinoplasty is used in plastic surgery to improve one's nose. Rhinoplasty is used to correct and reconstruct an individual's nose. Oftentimes, those with crooked or hooked noses can benefit from rhinoplasty plastic surgery. However, in other instances, there may be a desire to simply reshape the nose, which can also be done using rhinoplasty. There are a couple of plastic surgery techniques that can be used to perform rhinoplasty. They are as follows:

  • Open: An open rhinoplasty requires an incision to be made under the tip of the nose and between each nostril. This technique is used when the individual wants a complete reshape with major changes.
  • Closed: A closed rhinoplasty is used for minimal imperfections, as the incision is made inside of the individual's nostrils.

Another option is to get a tiplasty plastic surgery, which involves reshaping the tip of the nose. A tiplasty does not require any nasal structural changes, which cannot be said about an open or closed rhinoplasty.

Nose fillers

Another plastic surgery option for the nose is to undergo fillers. Nose fillers are similar to dermal fillers in the sense that hydraulic acid is injected directly into the nose. The injection is used to pump volume directly into the nose, which can be used for reshaping and contouring. Unlike a rhinoplasty, nose fillers do not require an invasive plastic surgery procedure. 

Nose thread lift

A newer but popular plastic surgery option for the nose is a thread lift, which relies on polydioxanone threads, which are biodegradable and absorbable by the body. The threads are used to contour the shape of the nose, which may consist of heightening or lifting it. A nose thread lift does not require invasive plastic surgery. Instead, the tiny threads are placed directly into the skin while the individual is under a local anesthetic. 

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